Security in Hawaii







Safety in Hawaii
The vast majority of travelers visiting Hawaii expect carefree vacation, leaving the worries and problems behind. The loss of personal property, illness or accident can turn a paradise into a living hell real. Being a well informed traveler, you'll be better prepared to protect your health and safety when traveling to Hawaii.

Before leaving for your trip to Hawaii:

Do not carry large amounts of cash during your stay in Hawaii. Regarding credit cards, we advise you that does credit cards you use on vacation. Annulment of lost or stolen credit cards is difficult and sometimes
difficult holiday.

When traveling to Hawaii or the United States in general, consult your travel agent regarding the required documents such as passports, visas and tourist cards. Because laws change constantly, we strongly suggest you bring your passport (for Canadians). For Europeans, the passport is required.

Anytime Keep a photocopy of your passport separate from the original. In case of loss or theft, it will accelerate the process of replacement.

Mark all your luggage with your name and address. Since the flight to Hawaii is very long, transfers are often necessary and risk of loss (or theft) can be

It is always better to prevent the airlines or cruise special request regarding a special diet (kosher, vegetarian, allergies)

Be sure to have insurance that covers losses from theft of baggage, cancellation of travel, emergency medical needs. Puisqu'Hawaii belongs to the USA, the cost of hospitalization can tax a person for several years.