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Geography of Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in a region of volcanic activity very important. They are located about 4000 km off the coast of California and 6200 km in Japan.

The total area of the Hawaiian area is 17 600km square. In all U.S. states, Hawaii is ranked 43rd largest in size of its 50 states of the country, just ahead of Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.

If one includes only the land territory of Hawaii, the region covers just over 10,000 km. As regards the maritime region, Hawaii
includes nearly 7 300km square.

Highest point in Hawaii:

The highest point in Hawaii is Mauna Kea mountain with an altitude of 13,796 feet. It is for very high altitude of the region that astronomical observatory was built. For more information, see U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY

Average elevation of Hawaii:

The average elevation of the state of Hawaii is 3030 feet above sea level Hawaii is not known for its river system as Quebec. The two main rivers in Hawaii are the Wailuku River (Hawaii) and the river Anahulu (island of Oahu).

World situation and comparison:

Hawaii is the only state in
the United States does not directly affect the North American continent. This is the state most in the west and south of all U.S. states. In fact Hawaii is a U.S. state located at the height of central Mexico.

Geographic areas of Hawaii:

In total, the region of Hawaii consists of a chain of 132 islands, each of which is the top of a volcanic mountain. These 132 islands can be divided into three groups.

1 group of islands: The islands clustered in the first group is composed of eight main islands of the archipelago of Hawaii. It is the
only group of islands are inhabited, with the exception of Kahoolawe.

All 124 other islands in groups 2 and 3 is a fraction of the land area (square 3000milles) and are not suitable for people.

2 group of islands: The islands grouped in the second group comprises half of the islands of Hawaii. They are composed largely of rock ..

Group of 3 islands: The islands grouped in the third group is located in the northwest Hawaiian territory. They are composed of coral and sand.