Récit de voyage à Hawaii

Anecdotes de voyage à Hawaii

Par Maxim St-Amant

Leaving for Hawaii

4 June 2008 - O'ahu

I remember the first day of my trip to Hawaii was marked by several unexpected. That day I went with my best friend John. We came rushing to the airport of Quebec around six o'clock in the morning. We were aboard the plane when we learned that the aircraft did not take off due to a propeller problem. First disappointment! We said, "we have not yet returned to Hawaii and we already have problems!" We're back at the Air Canada to try to get our connecting flight in Los Angeles. The
officer was really nice and we managed to find a flight to Los Angeles. We therefore travel in first class due to a lack of seat-side in standard. Was the paradise, at least we thought! We were completely exhausted from being on the plane and waiting in the airport in our next flight. Finally we arrived at our hostel at nine o'clock in the evening hours from Hawaii. We have therefore taken the time to install in our room or a dorm, then go buy a beer! After our consumption, we went directly into our bed because we were tired and two, a little drunk.

The next morning around 7 am, an old man began to fold plastic bags and woke us all including the girls' room! Just kidding ... As you'll see during this story, sometimes, often see that we do not think a lot with our head! So first, we had nothing to put the tooth this morning ... However, last night could have been stopped in a place to buy one or two fruits history not to be dead from starvation, but no, we favorite drink ... So we went to the grocery store, of course, we
took the time to eat a few cherries here and there while finishing our huge grocery store. So we came out of the Safeway with two apples, a brick of cheese, eggs and water. Of course, we also bought some beer. Returning to the hostel, it was around noon, we ate a little and have had 3 fantastic French of different place, among them a lovely lady. Through seduction, already in motion, and the crap we have decided, Jon and me to go to this famous place that everyone is talking about: Waikiki Beach. We took the bus to go to Honolulu to Waikiki Beach and arrived around two o'clock in the afternoon. It was filled with people, surfers (ous) of tourists of course, homeless and young people like us who wanted adventure and scenery, but who were lost ... After the first shock''''we went to wait for the bus to go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. At the same time as the bus arrived, the French car stopped for us to propose a''lift''to Hanauma Bay they went too. We eventually spent the rest of the day with swimming with sea turtles and thousands of other fish. Digression, Hanauma Bay means in English: at Turtle Bay. Returning, we met two Quebecers with whom we spent the rest of the evening in their apartment rent for one month ...

A rude awakening, it is 8 o'clock in the morning and the city is already awake. Surfers are already with their board and are already practicing their favorite sport. For me, quite the contrary, I took maybe a beer too many. However, no time to stubble, the French are about to visit the island of O'ahu with their rented car. So we leave, Laure, Nicolas, William, John and me to
visit the eastern side of the island. Our journey was punctuated arrest. We stopped at Sunset Beach, the best thing to do bodyboard to awake. Thereafter, we took the time to go eat at Kahuku you can sample the famous shrimp in garlic. Result: Exquisite! We have taken the road, the 83rd, arriving in Kailua Bay, where John was left inspired by the beautiful sunset overlooking the vast sea for us to play the guitar a bit of Xavier Rudd, of Coldpaly of Greenday of Cranberries and Indochina. A beautiful moment. Then we went to buy our dinner at the supermarket: the''''Ribs with a small disposable barbecue. It decides to go on the beach at Waikiki for us to eat. As soon as we put foot on the beach, it begins to rain dramatically when we finally found a place conducive''to''continue our feast: enter public restrooms Waikiki!

First thing to do after waking up: go buy a coffee! Then I can continue my day! So we went in search of a McDonald's, for lack of money to go to a coffee ... Then it stops and then continue our route north of the island. We took
the 93rd. It was about 12:30 when we arrived at Kea'au Beach Park. We elaborated on the sand all afternoon to make history and get a tan last night. After those long hours of rest, we went to Ka'ena Point. For this to make this point more to West, we had to walk over an hour''and this''gougoune. Visited the famous point we settled down comfortably to capture the moment with an amazing sunset. So, obviously, we turned back to darkness. So, an hour's walk in addition to being in a place on the island where tourists are not necessarily the property came and viewed the property ...

The next day visit to Pearl Harbor for a brief history lesson on the Japanese attacks in 1942.

The two following days, John and I have tried to find an apartment for my sister in the Waikiki district, but without any success was really expensive ... But never let go! We left that afternoon our friends the French, they had to leave already!

Then the day before our many failures, we finally found a 1 and a half to about $ 1,000 per month, fortunately it was only for a month, because at
this price it will ruin quickly! Afterwards, we drank a beer to celebrate our''victory''and then we went to rent surfboards to practice this famous sport so popular in Hawaii. Not clear ... In addition, it is very painful for the trapezius and especially, if one day you do, get a t-shirt, because it inherits the nipples! Hehe!

It was already 9 days we were on O'ahu was enough! So we bought tickets to Maui on June 13 Visited June 13, we left all our new friends so easily met through my interpersonal famous ... No seriously, the best way of seeing
the world and easily contact them is: Youth Hostels. The ferry took about four hours long and on. Traveled to Maui, we took the bus to get to our new hostel. We did encounter with two young Quebecois e have enjoyed a beer on the terrace. Thereafter, dodo!

14 June 2008 - Maui

Our first day on Maui was not easy, we got up at 7h00 in the morning, very early when we go to sleep in the wee hours of the morning ... Then we left at 8h00 with a mini - van to the hostel with a guide to get to the
summit of Haleakala volcano. We were at a height of 10 023 feet, or about 3000 meters and dust, and went into the crater of the volcano make a huge hike 5:00! Inside the volcano, it is like on Mars, because there is no noise, almost no vegetation and no animal life almost. Very fascinating. Some people think Star Wars was filmed here, but I can certify you! During our hike''small''in a desert landscape, John and I met two beautiful Quebec. We eventually spent the rest of the day with them. This ride seemed interminable, as we have gone from a dry climate to a climate completely wet and rainy. We were on the north-east of the volcano without doubt! So, we completed this trek in a fine rain. What a relief to return to the top under the low sun of 18.15. We were completely frozen cold, of course, but also by the dramatic and slow descent of the sun in Hell, where the colors of red, orange and exploded early in the clouds. Beautiful. After this wonderful time we left for our hostel, history celebrated saying, life!

The next day we rented a car to a guy quite bizarre.
A Nissan 1998 for $ 100 for a week, perfect for us in economy mode! So the two daughters, Marianne and Sarah, plus John and I left for Big Beach. The waves on this beach are just huge and strong! After playing in the waves unleashed, we crossed on Little Beach, one nude beach and hippies! We returned at dusk with a little peak in Indochina.
On 16 June, we went to Lahaina just visit the city then went to relax on the terrace Pionner right in front of the Bayan Tree. Nothing extraordinary!

"Hana is that it" is what I thought when
we moved east of the island, went to join the''Road to Hana.'' It was one long and narrow road with lots of meeting, so it had to be careful. Each blind spot, we had to honk to avoid the tourists in their excited Mustang red or blue. For those who do not during this road, the scenery is fantastic, but for those who drive, you must be focused or driven at 15 km / hrs. It was me who was driving ... but only to return! During the round, we stopped to buy the best banana bread on earth, you'll probably on the road before entering it into a small village. The kiosk is a seedy bright green, but only looks bad! Then we went to join the hostel which was in the minivan. We are joined to Wai'anapanapa State Park where there is a famous cave where one can explore by ourselves, but at our peril. We have, in fact I was the only one of the four, but I went with the more adventurous of the other group. So we left and after 2 seconds, more light, only the voice and echo! We had climbed in the dark, go under the water and finally emerge from the other side. Long live light!

Since no stubble to Hawaii the next morning we left super early to go on the road 340, the north-west of Maui! We stopped at a place called:''''Ocean Baths. This place is little known in Hawaii as there is no indication ... On this site there are huge holes in the volcanic rock. You could see in each watershed life fascinating. So we did some snorkeling.
The next day, we returned to Big Beach for the waves here are crazy! We spent the day there!
next day, same thing: Big Beach''''all the way! We played volleyball, frisbee and especially at the huge waves! In the evening we crossed the side of Little Beach to attend the''party''of fire. I explain: people''jam''and others with special instruments are acrobatics with fire. It's very impressive!

The next morning, John and I are left with two new companies,''''Lizzy and Bridget, two super beautiful girls 28 and 33 years! Miam Miam! Guess where we went back? And so, Big Beach! Vodka in hand''and''cooler and some ice! Nothing better under a hot sun!

day following this wonderful moment on Big Beach, the girls came to see us bring to Lahaina to take the small''Ferry''Moloka'i direction. We took the time to eat a little and then Airer in the busy streets of Lahaina. Our''Ferry''was at 6:15, but we failed due to wholesale lack of mention! So we were confined to stay one day longer on Maui! In the evening John went to bed for lack of energy, but me with my extra energy, I was still awake! So I decided to go walking alone at night in Lahaina! I stopped in a small coffee bar, where the atmosphere was not there, eventually landing at Hardrock where the atmosphere was lacking. It was Sunday evening! That's why! "Décidemment not tonight I'm having fun" is probably what I said at the time, but when I returned to our room to $ 100 per night, I met with two daughters, Catherine and Tallor. Both were English, so speak, talk, talk, talk and finally from the three buy beer! Finally, what do I lose my excess energy! Two daughters to care! Just kidding ... So we go buy beer, then go on a private beach party in Lahaina. We stayed quite until the wee hours of morning!

The next morning we woke up pretty early to really be sure not to miss our boat a second time! So typing to 6:00, we were standing and ready to go! I was a little tired, but with the sun, I was much better. In addition, I had my coffee in hand! So we took the 7:15 ferry to Lahaina Harbor to dock Moloka'i! No seriously, call it a small port! Visited Moloka'i, John and I are going to rent a car. The best offer was $ 300 for
seven days. Having rented car, we went on a''nowhere''and finally reach a small beach almost deserted. This beach is located at Mile''20''and is called''Twenty Mile Beach. We moved and made aware of a dog and wandering. We have named Molok. In the evening, we bought wine and have drunk alone on the beach view, a small island with few lights.

In waking up, Molok lay comfortably close to our tent to shelter from the wind. The first thing we did was to eat sweets. Nothing better to start a day! Thereafter, I started hunting sand
crab. This crab is hiding in spiral digging in the sand, so if by chance you try to hunt and growing evil, everything collapses and we lose sight of this little beast! So no dinner we ate some crabs! It was exquisite! Cooked, of course!

The next morning we left around 10 am and went to Halawa Valley. This place was in hot heart! We spent half the day there, then, went to the other end of the island, to Papohaku Beach Park. Afterwards, we went to visit another beach, to see where we could sleep tonight, and went to Dixie
Maru Beach we came across a gang of''local''. At first,''the locals do not particularly tourists and more hate, above all the American tourists. So we are presented, indicating very clearly that we were Canadian and that we were not American. Thereafter, they made us do a little tour of the area and finally lead us to a beach where you can camp without paying the slightest as. Unconsciously, we decided to camp there. John, without any ill intention,''invites''Locals to join us tonight for the party. Finally, they arrived around 10 pm and were carrying two large black boxes. I understood that it was quietly guns ... Why? To rob us? I was very scared but I do not showed. I was certain that John shared the same sentiments as me. We started to offer beer, food, everything, to have history look as nice as possible. To our grave dismay, they caught nothing ... What to do? Later in the evening, we finally understood how to serve the guns: to hunt the deer! So brief 11 h 30, 5''locals''including me - I can now consider myself a room after what you went read-parties''are''Pickup on a golf course left to find the beast ! They were really well prepared, they had with them a hunting knife very sharp, two guns to kill such a beast and is a''huge''SpotLight they connect to the car battery. We were now ready to find this beast! We drove over the Gulf about 35 minutes before you see the bright eyes of a deer in the woods. One of the''locals''jump''Pickup''whispering words in Hawaiian, was a good posture and engage the trigger. Detonation of a noise at night, in addition to the Hawaiian screaming telling me to embark in''Pickup''before the police arrived. Returning to camp, John was waiting for me with guitar in hand, joint in mouth and smile. During that time I explained to John what had past,''the locals had gone to hide guns in the woods where the police would ask us. This part of the operation''Dear''Hunt had ignored: it was illegal? After thinking, of course it is illegal to hunt serf on a golf course in''Pickup''! I was drunk ... OK! Hehe! Around 3:00 still no one was bothering us came when we started our search carcass, knife in hand and bag of groceries! And grocery bag? Yes and yes ... shopping bag, plastic end. Thus arrived at the scene, the serf was still alive, then one of the''locals''take his head and begins to turn, turn, turn and finally take the knife and cut the bone was ... an exquisite cruelty ... I want to vomit ... After the deer is dead, they began to carve. Placing in the plastic bag including the heart. It is sacred to them hunting, they should not kill for pleasure ... But tonight, they did ... They told us that this animal has become too populous on the island, so we were offered to kill a ... At the end of their beheading, they made a brief thanks to the nature and took the head as a trophy. Visited the camp, they started cutting the deer meat to put on the fire in a metal container. Thereafter, they added a little sea water to give a salty taste to the meat. It was simply exquisite!

The next morning we got up the first thing we did was smoke pot with the''locals''. Thereafter, we dismantled our expectations as well as our new friends. After greeting the''locals'', we went into town
to buy beer. Visited the site I realized that I needed two hundred dollars ... The locals''should''have stolen me when I was in the woods with John butchering deer ... But fortunately, I have $ 100 and always my passport! After that rather unpleasant discovery, we returned to our old camp was,''''Twenty Miles Beach.

The next day we met with two Swiss, and Johan is Maira. We met at Papohaku Beach Park. We spent the day with them. We visited the''abandoned''Resort near Papohaku Beach Park. We bathed in a swimming pool, but that, on s'en fout! Finally in
the evening, we had to wait until the head of camping is allowed past to try our tent. There can never came ... So we set up our tent in the dark with the millions of cats who come to steal our food!

The next day we went to town on 4-I speak here of town, but the appropriate term would be a small village with street-to shop and we met our famous friends! Obviously, I was as if I had not realized history not to offend people and create bickering. After talking a while, they are invited back to
hunt the deer that evening. Excited to bring this experience to the two Swiss, we accepted the invitation. So in the evening, we went to join our friends''locals''in the same place as the other day. They greeted us well prepared. So this time I was on my money, my passport and even expensive! We started in''Pickup''a good time and we did not find not a trace of deer! We fell way back to their camp. We finally left around 3 o'clock in the morning to return to our camp or the other side of the island. I was tired, but I had to be careful in the car, I had 4 lives in hands!

We were now on 30 June 2008. This morning, we sleep we mâtiné lifted to 11 hours. We ate hot dogs for dinner on the grill! Then, Johan and I went to rent fishing rods history of our fish dinner. After two hours I met a''Local''with his family who also fished. I played the card of guy who comes from super nice city but not the''fishing''... Of course I understand that, but using this way, it felt important benefit to me and
showed his' 'stuff.'' To finally come in the evening, with his entire family to our camp with fresh fish and pork cooked in the ground. Well, we had fished the equivalent of a perch ... But the good news was that we ate fish and provided with''locals''super nice! All evening we ate and drank with them. John no longer felt, was to play guitar with one of the''locals''who''played''Youkoulele. The Hawaiians in general, and more on this island is, Moloka'i, are very generous.
On July 1, Maira and I went to bring the car. We
got back on the thumb, whenever we were in a box''Pickup''. Afterwards, the Swiss porter went fishing rods that we were really helpful ... In return, they met a man who gave them a marinated meat. For dinner, it was the meat on the grill!

The next morning we got up around 5:00 for''our''packte things, because we had decided to return to Maui. Around 12:00, a friend of Moloka'i came we look to go by car take us to the port of Moloka'i. Delivered new on Maui, John and I we watch to say the same thing: we
must return to Moloka'i! There were so many people Lahaina that I got mad. Then the two decided to go to market for the thumb on the main street, but the way we met the world as we knew it. They were the guides of the youth hostel: Banana Bongalow. It was the day of the tour to Lahaina. So, we returned with them in one of their mini-vans. The first thing I noticed in Lahaina, where we met our friends from Banana Bongalow, was a girl with blond hair and blue eyes. I was completely dazzled. Banana Bongalow visited, we decided to stay three nights and then go back to Moloka'i. That said, I had 3 days to win the young girl with bright blue eyes. I had to leave my best asset: my irresistible humor!

One night was spent. There were two myself. With lifting, a guide to the Banana Bongalow suggested I go with them to make a one-day trek. The tour is called: The Commando Hike, not for nothing. I learned along the way ... We left around 8 which our Joe''Guide''of 19 years. Before going further,''hike''this is not known to tourists
, only the locals know this hike. That being said, our trek began in a small creek and then arrive in a bamboo forest where there's no real way. After the dense bamboo forest, we should return in a new stream. After this, we expected a huge pool of water with a few crayfish. One of the guys who were in the expedition, had made some history of beer we drink a little! NO! No water! Only beer. It must be said that the guy was probably a problem of consumption, but nevertheless he did not hesitate to let us given each! Kingstopher''''thank you! After this short break, we begin the second part of the expedition. We continued to follow the small stream that led us to a cave formed of dried lava. We had to climb a wall of the cave, and then arrive in a small dark tunnel, where he was strongly advised to be corpulent. Thereafter, we arrived in an old pipe in groundwater which led us to the outside. Finally! Delivered under the hot sun of Hawaii, the third party began. This last part of the expedition was for me the most traumatic. On top of a cliff, we had to jump from a height of approximately 25 feet in a basin drained a fall. This step was essential to continue our expedition. A few minutes later, much to my dismay, we had to jump again from the top of another fall to continue our trek. This time, it was a height of 40 feet. I was easily taken a good half-hour to convince me to jump ... It made me think of the film''The Beach''with Leonardo DiCaprio, when they realized the same dilemma as I continue to see the paradise here, where ever turn back to back. The choice was quite simple: jump! After that, Joe, there is a m'annonce last fall to jump, but it is only 20 feet ... I did in 10 minutes! We returned from the expedition to 9:00 in the evening, exhausted and dirty. But I could not go to sleep, I had one goal: to seduce the daughter of Barcelona, this rare gem! In the evening we played BeerPong''''and obviously we won my partner and me. I finished the evening with the pearl, on behalf of the sea, Mar. We finally talked all evening, and in making laugh as much as possible.

The next morning we got up, John and me, rather late. Everyone from the hostel was already gone, or go surfing, or visit or parties where drinking in a small café-bar ... So John and I decided to rent a car for 2 days with a guy from Mexico or Fernando. When we were leaving, we met with 2 Quebec who decided to come with us to surf and drink on the beach! When we arrived at the beach a little before pa'i we met Mar, the girl with gold hair and ocean blue eyes, and 3 other
guys whose Kingstopher''and''Alex, my partner'' BeerPong''. What a coincidence ... In the evening, it was July 4, when we went, almost everyone in the hostel to celebrate Lahaina!

The next day, it was already three nights we spent on Maui. I was all out to conquer Mar! So Kingstopher''''Alex Mar, John, Fernando and I went to the beach of''Black Rock''to spend our last moments on Maui. On this day, we drank, eating and playing the guitar well complete history of this great adventure on Maui ... Before you go take the ferry back to Moloka'i, Mar came
to see me and we embraced, I remember this great moment. Later, I invited him to come to Moloka'i with history that we spend time together and visit a new island. She said on the field it would with Alex and Fernando, they were already talking!