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Hawaii travel Informations

Travel to Hawaii still requires some preparation. It is to help travelers from around the world that this section INFORMATION TRIP TO HAWAII was designed. You will find, among other things, advice for your adventure in Hawaii.

Geography of Hawaii : Hawaii is a U.S. state located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Its unique position gives it its exotic long sought by travelers.


Security in Hawaii : Hawaii is a place after all very safe for travelers. By against, certain information is necessary to make this trip unforgettable.


Weather of Hawaii : Hawaii has a very pleasant climate for much of the year. This is an ideal place for travelers in search of beaches and sea against, since the area is very tense between the islands, the Hawaiian weather can sometimes differ from one place to another.


The origin of the name Hawaii : The name Hawaii is still the subject of theory (sometimes bizarre) attempt to explain the name of these islands.


Fauna and flora in Hawaii : Hawaii has a fauna that is rich and many species are endemic. This means that only this region of the world they inhabit. Come discover the rich fauna and flora in our Hawaiian special folder on the fauna and flora of Hawaii.


Entry conditions in Hawaii : Hawaii is an American state and the entry conditions may vary from one nationality to another. See our records on the conditions of entry to make sure you have all the papers in order to go to Hawaii.


Living cost of Hawaii : Hawaii is a place often considered friendly tourism 5 stars. If prices are sometimes exorbitant, it is still possible to make a trip to Hawaii at little cost.


Currency and change in Hawaii: Hawaii is an American using U.S. dollars. Check out our dossier on the American money to prepare your trip to Hawaii.


How to get to Hawaï :

· Flights Canada-Hawaï : La pluspart des voyageurs canadiens devront passé par Vancouver ou par les Etats-Unis pour se rendre à Honolulu.

· Flights États-Unis-Hawaï : De nombreux vols directs relient la capitale hawaïenne avec les différentes grandes du continents américains.

· Flights Tahiti-Hawaï: Deux vols par semaine relient Papeete avec Honolulu. Le vols dure 5 heures.

· Vols France-Hawaï

· Vols Belgique-Hawaï

· Vols Espagne-Hawaï

· Vols Suisse-Hawaï

· Vols Japon-Hawaï

· Vols Corée-Hawaï

· Vols Chine -Hawaï

· Vols Italie -Hawaï

· Vols Russie -Hawaï

· Vols Taïwan-Hawaï

· Vols Allemagne -Hawaï

· Vols Angleterre -Hawaï