Flights Hawaii

Because of its island, Hawaii is primarily accessible by air. Rare are the travelers who arrive by other means. Some cruises offer however to call this beautiful region in the Pacific. Our team has therefore made a point to offer as much information about flights that are offered depending on your country of residence.

As you can see, many flights pass through the United States. This stop is not necessary especially for those who want intensive customs inspections. If you notice any errors or changes in schedules, contact us and let us know your findings. It's always a pleasure
to read and make changes.

A large number of airlines fly to Hawaii. Its unique geographical position makes Hawaii an ideal destination for a relaxing break in a transoceanic flight between Asia and the Americas.

Companies flying to / from Hawaii are:


Qantas Airways , Korean Airlines , Air Pacific Airways, Philippine Airlines Delta Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Air Canada, Continental Airlines , Air New Zealand , Japan Airlines , Japan Air Charter, JTB Aloha Service, China Airlines, American Trans Air , Rich International, American Airlines, Continental Airlines , Continental Air Micronesia, NorthWest Airlines , United Airlines, Hawai Airlines, Qantas Airways , Korean Airlines, Air Pacific Airways, Philippine Airlines Delta Airlines, All Nippon Airways